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NEWS 2021.09.03

LOTTE Duty Free Renovates Website with a New Vision, ‘The Most Trusted Travel Partner’

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LOTTE Duty Free (CEO Lee Kap) announced on the 2nd that they renewed their official website to convey the management vision, ‘The Most Trusted Travel Partner.’
This change for LOTTE Duty Free's official website came as means to share their sustainability management activities and strengthen communication with customers. Using 'travel' as its main concept, its stylish screen design with graphic motion and images make customers who visit the LOTTE Duty Free website feel like they're traveling overseas.
To put more emphasis on promotional features of the official website, LOTTE Duty Free improved the websites' accessibility and readability using images instead of words. In the "About LOTTE Duty Free" page in particular, the existing duty free shop business and ‘New Biz’ sectors are distinguished to emphasize its capabilities as a ‘Travel Retail’ company. These pages provide information on ‘LDF BUY,’ a online direct sourcing mall that recently launched, and ‘LUXEMALL,’ an exclusive mall for duty free items for domestic distribution. Customers can directly access to LOTTE Duty Free's commercial site from the official website.
In addition, the new brand hall provides LOTTE Duty Free's one-step ‘enter-tour-ment’ marketing that spreads K-culture worldwide. Family concerts, web dramas and music videos that Lotte DFS has been creating with various Hallyu stars are available in an archive. LOTTE Duty Free plans to continuously provide various contents for the global MZ generation.
It also launched an ESG page. For the first time in the duty-free industry, LOTTE Duty Free established the ESG Value Commission in March, and has been leading a sustainable management. The company will continue to share news LOTTE Duty Free's ESG activities and progress on practical tasks through the official website.
The LOTTE Duty Free official website is a responsive website. It is accessible with various device OS, and supports six languages, namely Korean, English, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Japanese and Vietnamese. In addition, by adding submission functions to LOTTE Duty Free's CSR projects, such as ‘LDF Starups,’ which fosters local youth businesses, the company raised customer convenience and allowed for multidirectional communication. The website also provides LOTTE Duty Free's brand launching inquiry, partner recruitment and employment information.
Lee Sang-jin, Head of Marketing at LOTTE Duty Free said, “Through this website renovation, we worked hard to convey LOTTE Duty Free's growth in the past 40 years, and we are going forward in a fun and stylish way. We will continue to share LOTTE Duty Free news and interesting contents.”

Prior to the renewal of the official website, LOTTE Duty Free renovated the online duty free shop twice in May and July. From exhibition type that highlights discounts on products, the website was changed to a storytelling magazine type to provide customers with unique, digital shopping experience. It offers a sunglass try-on augmented reality (AR) service, flagship store virtual reality (VR) experience, and ‘personalized recommendation service’ that provides customized recommendations by analyzing each customer's consumption pattern.