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NEWS 2021.12.03

Lotte Duty Free Acquires CCM Certification For the Second Consecutive Year

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- All three domestic corporations, Seoul, Busan, and Jeju, re-acquired certifications after 2019
- Contributing to the realization of the management vision of "the most trusted travel partner" through the establishment of an integrated VoC system

Lotte Duty Free (CEO Lee Kap) announced that it has acquired consumer-centered management (CCM) certification for the second time in a row following 2019.

CCM certification is a system wherein the Korea Consumer Agency evaluates whether a company organizes all its business activities centered on the consumer and continuously improves them and is certified by the Fair Trade Commission. It is evaluated based on a total of four criteria—leadership, CCM system, CCM operation, and performance management—and is finally certified when it passes the deliberation of suitability by the Fair Trade Commission.

For the past two years, Lotte Duty Free has focused on raising the level of customer service by expanding the telephone consultation reservation system, upgrading chatting consultations, and introducing consultation satisfaction surveys. As a result, the Seoul, Busan, and Jeju corporations, including Hotel Lotte Duty Free, Lotte Duty Free Busan, and Lotte Duty Free Jeju, all acquired certification for the second consecutive time following 2019.

"It is quite encouraging that all three domestic subsidiaries of Lotte Duty Free once again acquired CCM certification. Lotte Duty Free will continue to make earnest effort with the mindset of ‘Let’s innovate from the customer’s point of view'," said Kim Joo-nam, Director of the Lotte Duty Free Korea Business Division.

Lotte Duty Free plans to continue realizing the ESG management vision of being "the most trusted travel partner" through measures such as establishing an integrated voice-of-the-customer (VoC) system to accept consumer opinions more actively as part of the establishment of a customer-centered service operating system.