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ESG NEWS 2021.12.08

Lotte Duty Free Acquires ISO 37001 Certification As First in the Industry For Anti-bribery Management System

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“We acquired ISO 14001 certification for our effective environmental management system (EMS) in October through ESG management practice, and we were the first in the domestic duty-free industry to acquire the 'Anti-corruption management system ISO 37001' certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO),” Lotte Duty Free CEO Lee Kap said on the 8th. 
As a result, Lotte Duty Free has been recognized as an exemplary company that meets global standards in eco-friendly and ethical management. The certification award ceremony was held in the afternoon of the 7th at the Lotte Duty Free headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul, with Lotte Duty Free CEO Lee Kap and British Standards Institution Korea (BSI Korea) CEO Song Kyung-soo in attendance.
Established in 2016 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 37001 is a global standard that prevents in advance corruption and bribery risks that may occur in corporate business activities and stipulates that the company can systematically manage them. The ISO grants ISO 37001 certification through on-site audits, employee interviews, and document reviews focusing on the establishment of an anti-corruption system, operation of organizations to comply with laws, and practices to combat corruption.
In this review process, Lotte Duty Free was highly praised for its in-house system for anti-corruption based on the strong will of the CEO and designation of at least one compliance officer in each of the 35 teams at the headquarters including the dedicated department and domestic branches for continuous monitoring. In addition, Lotte Duty Free is developing a corporate culture of integrity by providing compliance education so that all executives and employees can empathize with and practice the anti-corruption policies for ethical management, and by frequently encouraging them to identify and evaluate potential corruption cases in the organization.
“This ISO 37001 certification is more meaningful since it is a result of Lotte Duty Free’s continuous efforts to become a company that customers and stakeholders can trust. We will continue to create an ethical and transparent corporate environment together with all our employees so that Lotte Duty Free can set an example", said Lotte Duty Free CEO Lee Kap.
In addition, Lotte Duty Free received an A grade for the first time in the duty-free industry in the Compliance Program (CP) rating evaluation by the Fair Trade Commission in December 2019, in recognition of its operation of the Fair Trade Compliance Program and its legal compliance corporate culture. In March, in order to fulfill the ESG management vision of "the most trusted travel partner," we are continuing various activities including the establishment of solar power generation facilities that were introduced in the integrated logistics center and operation of the social contribution project of "LDF STARUPS" to foster youth enterprises after establishing the "ESG Value Pursuit Committee" to ensure sustainable growth in all business areas.