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NEWS 2021.12.30

Lotte Duty Free Receives Two Awards at Web Award Korea 2021

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- Lotte Duty Free receives two grand prizes for the Mobile Web category and for the PC Web (general awards for large corporations) category

Lotte Duty Free (CEO Lee Kap) stated on Dec. 30, 2021 that its website has won the mobile web grand award and the best PC web award (general award for large corporations) at the Web Award Korea 2021 hosted by the Korea Internet Professional Association (KIPFA).

Web Award Korea, marking its 18th anniversary, is the most prestigious web awards ceremony in Korea, with more than 4,000 Internet experts in Korea select and award the most innovative and excellent websites.

In the awards ceremony on Dec. 29, 2021, Lotte Duty Free's website received the grand prize as the most excellent website among 437 nominees in the Mobile Web category, as well as the grand prize for general award for large corporations, receiving a total of two awards.

Lotte Duty Free's official website received high scores for its website composition tailored to the concept of traveling, allowing visitors to feel like they are traveling, as well as its unique layout emphasizing its identity with a composition that allows quick and easy searching of information.

Lotte Duty Free updated its website in September 2021 in order to share its sustainable management activities and enhance customer relations. Images were favored and used instead of text to focus on marketing to increase access and readability of information by supporting a total of six languages, including English, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Vietnamese. Lotte Duty Free added a new ESG page to its website to publicize its ESG activities, the progress with execution projects and also provides content targeting the global MZ Generation by uploading archives of family concerts and music videos featuring many K-pop artists.

Lee Sang-jin, head of marketing of Lotte Duty Free, stated, "It is meaningful in that Lotte Duty Free's efforts to narrow the distance between our customers around the world have been acknowledged. We will continue to working to capture our latest news in a more entertaining way."